Safety and Emergency Procedures at DYC

Welcome to Dartmouth Yacht Club. The Club Management Committee hopes you enjoy your membership and all the Club facilities safely. The Club has a Safety Manual which you should read on the Club website at:
In case any emergency arises here are a few guidelines from the Manual to help you and those around you deal with accidents or injuries that may require outside assistance. In general, when an incident that results in injury or property damage
ccurs the following process should be followed:
  1. Deal with the injury or damage appropriately to avoid further injury or damage.
  2. Call for help loudly and clearly. Don't leave an injured victim unattended.
  3. On the marina docks lift a life ring from any pedestal to sound an alarm.
  4. If someone has fallen into the water, see if he/she is conscious, injured or able to swim and act accordingly. (Emergency Ladder is on 'B' between 'C' and 'D' docks.)
  5. Take charge of bystanders and direct them to call 911 and get first aid kits or fire extinguishers (located in the clubhouse, garage and fuel shed), as required, have someone meet emergency services at the Club gate, etc.
  6. Make no statement about fault to anyone, including the victims.
  7. Inform the General Manager or any staff at 468-9273 As Soon As Possible.
  8. Advise family of an injured person.
  9. As quickly as possible document the sequence of events carefully and in a neutral manner, including as much detail as possible regarding who, what, where, when, why and how. If possible, take pictures of the scene.
Think Safety, Be Safe!
Emergency on land, Call 911
Emergency on water, Call VHF Ch 16

About Us

The Dartmouth Yacht Club is nestled in Wright's Cove - a sheltered recess with high land on both sides located on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour. It is ideal for mooring, with a convenient marina for the launch and recovery of boats.

Dartmouth Yacht Club
697 Windmill Road
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B3B 1B7
Office: 902.468.6050
Fax: 902.468.0385

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