Hurricane Prepardness

Hurricane Plan

To ensure that our marina system is capable of withstanding significant wind action and abide by the builder’s warranty, several vessels must be removed from the marina in advance of a storm that has forecast sustained winds of 60 mph (100 km/h) or more.

Factors used to determine which vessels must be removed include a boat’s location on the marina system, its weight and the superstructure size and wind resistance. 

Owners of named vessels are given the choice to take their boats off the marina and find shelter elsewhere, go to a Club mooring, or be taken out of the water.  Preparations to accommodate owners' wishes will be made and kept ready in case a forecast indicates that winds will exceed the dock limit.  Specific moorings will be assigned to vessels that are to stay in the water and cradles, jack stands, etc will be made ready for those owners preferring to have their boats come ashore.

The decision on when to put the plan into action is made as far in advance of a storm as possible to allow sufficient time but avoid false alarms.

Vessel owners who prefer their boats to be relocated to the mooring field are required to move them up to 12 hours before the storm is forecast to hit the area.  Owners wishing to bring their boats ashore must be prepared to make the move anytime wind and tide conditions are favourable.  Lifting the named vessels will receive priority above other vessels and other haul out times will be booked on a first come first served basis.

Owners of boats able to be hauled out on trailers may do so.  After the call is made to remove the named vessels from the marina lifting any vessel onto a trailer that would otherwise be able to retrieve a vessel on the ramp will be suspended.

Named vessel owners are required to provide 24 hour contact names and phone numbers for individuals or companies authorized to act in the owner’s absence.  If contact with the owner/authorized representative is not possible, the vessels will be moved to a mooring or retrieved from the water by Club personnel.  The Club will assume no liability for the action taken.  Setting of extra anchors or covers, provision of extra pumps, etc. will remain the owner’s responsibility.  if, in the absence of the owner or authorized representative, additional equipment or personnel are required to move a named vessel, the additional resources will be rented/hired at the owner's expense. 

After the storm owners of the vessels may return them to their normal positions.
  In that the named vessels must be moved, storm lifts will not be charged against the owner or counted against his/her lifts permitted in a season.

NOTE: Check the full procedure in the DYC Safety Manual.

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